A Few Reasons To Choose A Storage Unit

When it comes time to stow away your belongings, you need to be sure that you are putting them in a safe location. While it may be easy to keep furniture and other belongings in your parents basement or a location similar to this, it is a much better idea to store your belongings in a storage facility. These facilities are designed specifically for storing furniture and precious belongings. Here are three reasons why a storage facility is a much better long term storage location.

Pest Control

One of the most important reasons that a storage facility is such a great location is that the facility will be sprayed for pests a few times a year. Insects and rodents can really do a number on furniture and other belongings. Storage facilities want to have a reputation for a high quality facility and so they spray a few times a year to keep the bugs and rodents non existent through the facility. When picking out a storage facility, be sure to ask the facility manager if the units are sprayed for pests. 

Temperature Controlled

For some items such as electronics it is very important that the temperature remains relatively the same at all times. If the temperature fluctuates a great deal, and there are freeze thaw cycles then the components in your electronics may contract and expand enough to break. Metals when cold start to contract while when hot will expand, and this contraction and expansion can be a result of a bad storage location. When choosing a storage location, you will be able to pick from a few different locations including different storage unit facilities. If you are going to be storing electronics then it is best to find a facility that is climate controlled.


Theft is usually a very big concern of people when they are choosing where to store their precious items. A storage facility is designed and built with theft protection in mind. There is usually only once entrance. This allows the the monitoring of everyone that enters. The fences are usually extremely high and have barbed or razor wire along the top. Some of the very best storage units will also be secured by video surveillance. Once again talk with the facility manager to see what type of security measures are taken to protect your valuables. You will find that most storage facilities are truly secured.